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Model: xakb9im3
The 528 Customs GOON 25mm RDA is the updated rendition of the pioneer rebuildable dripper, implementing a spacious two-post build deck with clamp-style connection system, and a triple slotted dual airflow system. The GOON 25mm integrates a user-friendly two-post build deck properly top-secured via c..
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Model: hgtrvrt6
The Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank displays a visually striking chassis design design, implementing an expansive 4.5mL eJuice capacity for a stout structure and utilizing a Mesh Coil System with a wide range of compatibility. The Advken Manta Tank is the sub-ohm reiteration of the Manta RTA, utilizing an..
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Model: yfaw0a6l
Advken Notch 24mm RDA A powerful RDA designed for performance.The Advken Notch RDA is a durable and powerful rebuildable atomizer that features excellent stainless steel construction and design, squonk mod compatibility, and large build deck, primed to accommodate all coil builds. Laser-etched produ..
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Model: 3srk8g5o
The latest production from the asMODus design team presents the C4 LP 24mm RDA, an ultra low profile rebuildable dripper integrated with creative design elements ranging from 25° Angle Airflow and a unique two-post build deck. A modernized construction of the low profile dripper, the C4 LP RDA measu..
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Model: tuyg5yg7
Aspire Athos Sub-Ohm TankThe Aspire Athos Sub-Ohm Tank is the latest sub-ohm system from Aspire, deploying a brand-new structure with a maximum juice capacity of 4mL, convenient threaded top-fill method, dual adjustable bottom airflow, and the introduction of the new Athos Coil System. Measuring 25m..
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Model: 4beyvn8z
The Aspire Cleito 120 PRO Sub-Ohm Tank delivers the modern rendition of the famous Cleito 120 Tank, presenting an upgraded chassis structure with sliding top-side fill method, dual slotted bottom airflow, and the Cleito 120 PRO Coils with mesh design option. The Cleito 120 PRO Tank measures 25mm in ..
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Model: 9f9wt71o
The Aspire Cleito Pro Sub-Ohm Tank is the new flagship model of the original Cleito line-up, featuring a maximum eJuice capacity of 4.2mL, triple slotted bottom airflow control, and slide-to-open top-fill method. The Aspire Cleito Pro can utilize previous Cleito Coils, the original Cleito and Cleito..
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Model: hyyqskq5
Aspire Cleito TankNew coil system. Maximum Airflow. Incredible Clouds.With an expanded chimney, Aspire has set out to deliver maximized airflow and produce larger vapor clouds using the Aspire Cleito Tank.The Aspire Cleito Tank has a stainless steel chassis. Pyrex glass tube. Top-fill. Delrin Widebo..
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Model: 8f6fdalh
Aspire Revvo Sub-Ohm Tank The Revvo Sub-Ohm Tank is new from Aspire Labs. This tank features an innovative ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) system that utilizes a horizontal-orientated coil for reduced spit back during operation, as well a spring-loaded top-fill system capable of holding up to 3.6mL of E-ju..
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Model: 4uvrrd3q
RTA System KitThis is the all new Aspire Triton RTA Kit, intended for use with the newly released Aspire Triton Tank. This kit contains everything you need to build your own coils for your Triton. Please note we recommend this kit for those more experienced vapers.Contents1 x RTA Kit for Aspire Trit..
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Model: b823gy9o
The Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA is an Italian-designed 18mm MTL vape dripper, utilizing an innovative guided two-post build deck in conjunction with a modular airflow output system, paired with a flavor-oriented locking top cap. Measuring in at 18mm, the ETNA BF RDA has a two post guided build deck allo..
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Model: 6flzh8z7
The Fuji GTA by Digiflavor is one of the first dynamic Genesis Tank Atomizer platform, integrating a chassis that rivals the best rebuildable systems to date featuring a tank capacity up to 6mL, auxiliary airflow control, and two deck options catering to single coil-centric build or the tried-and-tr..
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